AZT Passage 37: Grand Canyon – South Rim

At this rate, I’m about 2 weeks behind in creating my hiking videos. So I FINALLY got the Passage 37 done and posted.

Like I’ve mentioned in the video description, while the passage is called “Grand Canyon: South Rim”, you don’t actually see the Grand Canyon or the South Rim until the very end at the northern terminus of the passage (South Kaibab Trailhead.)

This passage was about 24 miles and was an easy walk through the woods. No shuttle or taxi companies will know what you’re talking about it you use them to get you out to the trailhead. You want to goto the “Grandview Lookout Tower” not the “Grandview Point”. The lookout tower is about 2 miles past the Grandview Point down on the right on Coconino Rim Road. It’s a forest service road and is passable in a 2WD sedan. It didn’t seem like high clearance was necessary. The shuttle from Mather Campground to this point was about $25.

There’s plenty of campsites near the Grandview Lookout Tower and also vault toilets (gross).

Overall this passage was pretty easy. I was able to do the entire thing in about 9 hours and that was with plenty of stops to take photos/videos and about an hour in Tusayan for lunch. If you’re looking for maps, don’t bother with the National Geographic store in Tusayan. The store is mostly an tourist stuff.

Not much elevation gain or loss on this trail. My biggest complaint is that after a couple miles past Tusayan when you go under the highway you’re entire walk back is on asphalt paved “trail.” You make great time, but I’d rather be on a dirt path.

While there aren’t really any stunning landscapes or scenic vistas, it’s a nice walk in the woods and ends with the amazing views of the Grand Canyon.


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