Grand Canyon Hike

After Arizona received a massive amount of snowfall (record for the largest daily snowfall in Flagstaff EVER) in February 2019 (and some other unforeseen circumstances), we had to cut our Grand Canyon trip down significantly since the roads to get up to the Grand Canyon were becoming impassable (and some eventually closed.)

We managed to salvage one of our nights at Phantom Ranch and do just shy of half of our originally planned trip. Little did we know that the North Kaibab Trail was impassable with a tremendous amount of chest high snow, and we wouldn’t have made it anyway.

Regardless, it was a great trip down to Phantom Ranch and back.

Until next time…

I may try and do a rim to rim later this year or possibly in the winter again (I have another reservation for Phantom Ranch in January 2020.)

I began the video immediately when we got back home. There was so much footage. It took forever just going through all the footage and isolating the good content from all the clips. As usual, I made a good draft and then went back and revised. I did this several times and eventually put it on the shelf because work got busy. I proceeded to pick the project back up a month or so later and continued to push out a draft and revise it.

Finally after doing this draft and revise process over and over again, I had to just push it out and let it be (not perfect.) Do I want to be done with the project or do I want to drive myself crazy trying to make it “perfect”?

So after 5 months, here it is. I can’t wait to go back.


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