I’ve been a little MIA for the 4-6 weeks. After my horrible experience with my previous property management group I decided I wouldn’t give them a single penny more than I had to. So that meant that I was moving again! I was going back and thinking about it, and I counted 16 moves within the 22 years I’ve lived in Arizona. (Damn, I can’t believe I’ve lived here for over 20 years!)

This year was especially challenging. The rental market is very hot right now and every single nice property had multiple people interested and multiple applications submitted. After visiting between 2 and 3 dozen places I finally found a place last weekend. I applied for it on Monday afternoon, was accepted on Tuesday morning, Friday got the keys, and Saturday I started moving in. CRAZY! I’ve never moved in 3 days notice.

At this point most of our stuff is in the new place and I’ve just got cleaning to do at the old house.

This time I used movers to grab my big, heavy stuff. It was a life-changer. Never again (hopefully) will I lug that big, heavy furniture up and down stairs again.

Btw, the photo above is of a poor kid having to lug my trunk of cds… yes, it’s literally a truck filled with compact discs. I think about 500-600 cds… no jewel cases, all placed in labeled paper sleeves. No joke, it weighs more than my daughter – I’d guess around 80-90 lbs!

I’ve digitized all the cds a while back and it’s all available via my drives (and now available through Apple music.) I’m not sure why I keep them. They’ve made it across country and all of my 16 moves around the Phoenix area. Maybe someday I’ll find a new home for them. Until then, I’ll keep moving them (or keep paying someone else to do it!) 😉

So now that we’re settling into the new place and the whole home move is over I can get back to what I like doing: getting outside, getting on the trail, spending nights in my tent, and beautiful days out on the kayak…

Speaking of kayaks, I still need to fix my kayak leak.


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