2019 Was a Good Year Outdoors…

2019 was a good year outdoors! I explored some new destinations and dove deeper into the local Superstition Mountains. I’ve spent more nights camping than I’ve done before, and I’ve learned a lot in my outdoor experiences.

In 2019…

  • I went on 17 Hikes
  • I spent 16 nights under the stars camping
  • I hiked about 180 miles
  • I’ve started to dive into ultralight/light weight gear.

I didn’t go out as much as I wanted and would’ve liked to hike some more miles, but I had a great year outdoors. I have to remind myself to not get lazy during the hot months of summer.

I started this post a while ago, but I never posted it for some reason. As I pick it back up today, the world has changed with this coronavirus. I’d like to plan for a few big trips (GCNP R2R, Zion, Sequoia National Park) but who knows when things will go back to “normal.” Recently they close many of the local recreational spots (luckily I got out in the Superstitions last weekend since the trailheads are mostly now closed) and larger National recreational spots are starting to close as well.

I’m starting to go stir crazy… and all this has just started. I’ve only been working from home for a week now, and I’m starting to get used to it.

A few things I’ve noticed since I’ve started working from home:

  1. I shower less frequently. Without the daily routine of having to get up with an alarm and begin the usual schedule of activities I tend to skip showering in the morning. I’m not sure if that’s necessarily a bad thing; I don’t think people (most) need one daily. But I am going on day 4 of no shower (yuck.)
  2. I’ve been drinking more coffee. Most mornings would be my one french press of coffee with enough to fill my thermos to take on the car ride with me to work. Now, I can just make more, and more, and more. Over the weekend I did my type of hoarding and I purchased several pounds of coffee beans.
  3. I’m getting more work done. Without the immediate distractions of the office I’m able to focus on tasks and be more comfortable. It also means I’ve been working more hours (especially outside of normal business hours), but I feel like I’m more efficient.
  4. With working remotely it makes me think a bit more about work-life balance and other life options.


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