Cabin Loop Hike

I finally got back out on the trail. It’s been a bit. With the Arizona forest fire closures and then the (much needed) monsoon rains, it’s been a bit difficult getting out on the trails, let alone go camping.

I hiked the Cabin Loop (proper) 3 years ago and did it casually over 3 days. The weather was much cooler and there was snow still on the ground (and frost/condensation lined inside of my Big Agnes Fly Creek ULV2. It’s been a bit, but I’ve wanted to get back to do it again. Then I caught a youtuber attempting to do the Loop. He ended up turning around because of the previous lightning storms.

A few weekends ago it was forecasted to be a nice around the state. So I took the opportunity to get out there.

It was an amazing weekend.

The recent rains had everything all nice and green and all the streams were flowing with lots of water. “Fairytale” mushrooms and colorful wildflowers popped up everywhere.

I started at the General Springs Cabin and headed north up Fred Haught Trail passed the turn off to continue the Arizona trail and continued on Houston Brothers.

Just past Pinchot Cabin I camped for the night in a beautiful spot below the trail down near a bend in the stream. The weather was perfect and luckily the mosquitos weren’t too bad.

The next day I finished up the hike down Houston Brothers to the Rim Road. I’ve tried several times to follow the General Crook Trail, but it seems to be disappear and the gps tracks I’ve attempted to follow never seem to lead me in the right direction. It was just easier to road walk it back to the Cabin turn off 4.5 miles down the road.

It was an easy walk with some great views… just not the way to end a hike (a dusty road walk.)

I always record most of my hikes in photos and on video. Eventually that content shows up online.

It took a bit, but I finally got my hike video done…


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