Brochure: The Performance Driven Workplace

The business development team and the studios were requesting some brochures to be used during initial meetings with prospective clients. They wanted some simple, slick, graphic heavy, and with little text. We sought to create a marketing piece that would speak generally about our capabilities and experience while also encouraging the client to seek more information.

Working with several studio leaders and an interior designer, the marketing team led by myself developed this brochure. After several iterations, we landed on this final brochure.

With the success of this brochure, the marketing department continued to develop a series of studio brochures modeled after this one. Once shared with the national marketing team, they were quickly adopted as a series of standardized marketing pieces throughout the firm.

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View the Workplace Brochure (10.9 mb)




View the Workplace Brochure (10.9 mb)