Sleeping with Baby and Mama

Over the past 5 months I’ve learned to value my sleep space. Quite often I share the bed with 1, 2, and 3 other people. All 3 others are much smaller than me, but somehow I end up with one butt cheek hanging off the bed while half of the bed goes unused. Perhaps I should just try the couch instead. At least I’d have that all to myself.

How to Be a Dad Shares Hilarious Co-sleeping Baby Sleep Positions Diagrams.

A little busy, a little tired

Life has been very busy lately. A couple weeks ago we had the early surprise of the birth of my baby girl. Like I mentioned, she was a little early. So she was fairly small but was thankfully healthy. So between the new bundle of joy, my parents in town visiting for a few weeks, and trying to install some new flooring myself I’ve been just a tad busy.

While my sleep habits are now more sporadic than when I was a single bachelor, maybe i’ll have some time here and there to post to this blog. We’ll see how that goes.