4th of July (a little late)

Happy 4th of July! Well, July is actually 3/4 over, and August is right around the corner (holy crap.) As usual, my post trip video is late, but whatever.

I had the 3rd off, so we got up to Flagstaff around midday on Friday. A little traffic heading up there, but nothing bad until we got into downtown Flagstaff and it started to pour. The streets were flooded. We were about 15-20 mins away from where I was planning to camp.

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It’s Been 120 Days…

… since my last day in the office. The routine of getting up, making some coffee, and starting the work day has now become regular, and I’ve grown used to it. It will be difficult to eventually go back in the office on a regular basis. Nothing is regular anymore.

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2019 Was a Good Year Outdoors…

2019 was a good year outdoors! I explored some new destinations and dove deeper into the local Superstition Mountains. I’ve spent more nights camping than I’ve done before, and I’ve learned a lot in my outdoor experiences.

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