Finder Window Closes

Anyone upgrade to OSX Mavericks and then find their finder window keeps closing? Very annoying! All of a sudden this started happening to me today. I installed Mavericks the day it came out (not sure if that was smart), but I wanted to check it out. Now, this morning everytime I started browsing through my folders it kept closing on me and reopening. After some searching I found that the Google Drive app is causing this issue, and it seems like everyone has been complaining about it only recently. I wonder if Google has been doing some tinkering and it screwed up the Mac OS. Hopefully Apple fixes this problem soon. I like having my Google Drive readily accessibly.

Google or Bing?


Bing, really? You see those commercials on television with a “man on the street” comparison between Bing and Google and Bing wins? I bet they didn’t show the other 95% of people who voted Google. Back in the day I used AltaVista and then probably to Yahoo! and then to Google. Google is the easiest to use and typically finds the results I seeking. Additionally, with my Android tablet and even my iPhone are tapped into the Google network of interoperable features on other apps and notifications. So I guess my comment is that I’m overall used to it and it works. Hell – Google even “knows” me (not sure if that’s such a good thing) and sends me recommendations and product customizations.

The few times I’ve accidentally jumped to Bing it didn’t see to find what I wanted as well. I didn’t know where certain features were, and I didn’t like it. Perhaps I just need to get used to it more…

Perhaps I’m just a Google person. Why? It works. It works well.