4th of July (a little late)

Happy 4th of July! Well, July is actually 3/4 over, and August is right around the corner (holy crap.) As usual, my post trip video is late, but whatever.

I had the 3rd off, so we got up to Flagstaff around midday on Friday. A little traffic heading up there, but nothing bad until we got into downtown Flagstaff and it started to pour. The streets were flooded. We were about 15-20 mins away from where I was planning to camp.

By the time we got to the forest road that I had scoped out the previous weekend, the weather was nice and sunny (temporarily.)

The forest was busy with some vehicles, but seemingly not a lot of campers. We didn’t do much but relax and eat. On Sunday, after camp was packed up we did a short hike along part of the Arizona Trail through forests of aspens (beautiful).

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