Goodbye Fotki – Hello Zenfolio!

For the past 12 years I’ve been using Fotki to archive and showcase my photos. Nevermind their outdated and clunky UI but over the years they really haven’t innovated much and their pricing structure expanded in a way you increasingly paid for the bandwidth of others viewing your content. They introduced a credit system where by you purchased credits for the amount of bandwidth your content was utilizing. You may have a popular gallery of images that used a bunch of bandwidth. Additionally they finally started to allow video hosting, but this amount of bandwidth was even more ridiculous. Fotki used to allow you to have direct access to your photos via ftp. This was also taken away from the included features and became a paid feature. (This is just a crappy thing considering you spend time uploading your content to their servers and then you have to pay to retrieve it?) Their new subscription model means that you have to pay twice: once for a member account and then once again to do anything with your content.

So even though I’m a paid “member”  for another 8 years, I’ve decided to jump ship and use a different photo service. After working with a photographer and getting recommendations from another friend I’ve started migrating all my photo/video content to Zenfolio. Their Ui is much better than Fotki’s and their pricing structure is very straight forward. Like how Fotki used to be, you pay one price and you get a set of features. My unlimited account allows for unlimited space for all my photos and videos and they aren’t charging me an additional fee for bandwidth. (Another ridiculous added constraint to Fotki’s service was that they were not allowing you to store your original hi-res images without paying and additional fee!)

So far, so good. I really like their service. After a brief stint using Flickr as well (which should be much better than it really is) I’m hoping this migration to Zenfolio will stick for a while.

Check out my new photo/video site HERE and let me know what you think!